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Dassault Systemes sees potential in Australia’s manufacturing and life sciences sectors

Last night, Dassault Systèmes joined the centenary celebration of the first Australian airmail flight in a partnership with the local French community.

As part of the celebration, Dassault Systèmes (DS) presented Bleriot 3D, a film on the reconstruction of the Bleriot XI monoplane which was flown by French pilot Maurice Guillaux in 1914.

The film was presented at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney at an event that also celebrated Bastille day.

At the event, Lloyd Perrin, Director of Value Solutions, Dassault Systèmes, ANZ spoke with PACE about his company’s prospects in Australia.

“Traditionally we have built a very successful business in Australia over the last 15 years or so. Focusing on automotive, defence – submarine, sea and air platforms,” he stated.

“We’re very excited about the noises the government is making about the reinvestment and redevelopment of our military assets. Today we have partners involved in Joint Strike Fighter platform for the future as well assessing future land based platforms for the Australian Army."

Industrial manufacturing has been a strong market for DS in the past and, according to Perrin, the demise of the automotive sector is not going to hamper DS’s growth in this area.

“Although the automotive industry in Australia is going through a metamorphosis at the moment, each of the large globals that we do business with in Australia, have recommitted to their design centres of excellence that are in this part of the world,” had added.

Dassault Sytstèmes continues to do work with Toyota, Ford, General Motors, in the design area in Australia. 

"While we may not be bolting cars together anymore, there’s still a value in the IP that we bring to the table, the IP that we protect, and the maturity of our skills. This enables these companies to continue to reinvest in that part of the sector. They are traditionally the strongest parts of our business,” emphasized Perrin.

In Australia, of the traditional CAD/PLM vendors, DS claims to be the only one to be directly represented in the country to support those products. 

“We now have a team of around a hundred employees in DS Australia alone,” says Perrin. A significant number of staff did come with the Gemcom acquisition.

Lloyd Perrin - Dassault Systemes“The big opportunities for DS are when I overlay the innovation that is often driven out of Australia with the life sciences industry,” adds Lloyd Perrin (pictured alongside).

The Bleriot XI monoplane is one of the earliest civil aircraft to have been flown in Australia and is the pioneer of commercial aviation by carrying the first airmail from Melbourne to Sydney.

Bleriot 3D was a special tribute to revive the historical event 100 years ago and an illustration of the collaboration power of 3DEXPERIENCE platform by combining the skills of education teams around the world and the passion of aviation enthusiasts.

“Developing the Bleriot 3D in partnership with the French Consulate and unveiling it next to an actual Bleriot at the Powerhouse Museum is an honour for my team in Australia,” said Perrin.

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