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Dassault Systèmes to offer end-to-end PLM following Intercim acquisition [VIDEO]

Dassault Systèmes is now offering an end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system following the acquisition of process execution software specialist Intercim. Dassault claims this is the world’s first end-to-end PLM system.

The US$36.5 million acquisition allows Dassault Systèmes to combine its Delmia 3D virtual production software with Intercim’s software solution for a paperless manufacturing execution system (MES) on the shop-floor.

Dassault Systèmes Australia general manager Gilles Cruanes says the combination of Delmia and Intercim brings digital continuity to real-life factory operations.

"With digital continuity between design and shop floor, customers can now fully leverage 3D digital for all functions in the production chain – from concept design through to product delivery," said Cruanes.

"This provides the ability to achieve real-time visual status and control, and predictable product quality. The results for customers are cost savings through better visibility of unplanned events, decreased cycle times and better material management."

Cruanes said the combination of virtual production and production execution software delivers unprecedented advantages for customers in advanced and highly regulated industries.

"Product innovation requires production innovation. Our Delmia virtual production platform has previously allowed 3D simulation of manufacturing environments, but for the first time we can complete the PLM loop with a single, integrated, tool."

Dassault Systèmes partner Memko, which has been a reseller of Intercim software in the Asia Pacific since 2008, says Intercim’s integration with Delmia presents a great opportunity for complex and highly regulated organisations to transform operational productivity.

"In Australia and across multiple industries the overwhelming majority of work instructions are still paper-based, and most of the market is largely unaware of the benefits a paperless solution like Intercim can offer," said Memko director Miro Miletic.

"This extension of digital PLM from design to process execution provides a totally new way of operations, transforming organisational efficiency and understanding and preventing defects.

"Users are able to view and interact with the 3D model to collect data and identify potential defects, thus improving yield while decreasing the cost of rework and scrap.

"Eliminating paper on the shop floor also consolidates various electronic shop-floor information formats into a single revision-controlled electronic record that facilitates smooth process flow. Ultimately, manufacturing quality and throughput is improved."

A key advantage of Delmia’s new execution capability through Intercim is that it enables the virtual validation of new manufacturing concepts.

Cruanes said customers can now demonstrate that what they have built is exactly what they planned to build – and use this conformity information for certification purposes.

"Engineers are empowered within manufacturing operations to ensure their designs are compliant, so each unit produced is ‘built right’ the first time and is certified to operate," he said. "The system also provides a complete 3D-as-built history for immediate traceability.”

"Highly competitive markets demand an interactive and collaborative solution to connect manufacturing planning to execution on the factory floor. With the acquisition of Intercim, Dassault Systemes can now provide this," concluded Cruanes.


 Video: Delivering digital continuity from engineering to factory operations.

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