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Dash cams for all vehicles

The new RS dash cams enable business road users to prove culpability in accidents or other emergencies, and so avoid losses due to threats such as poor driving or deliberate crash insurance fraud. 

The recorded video, with time, date, audio and 3D G-sensor data also included, provides the evidence that can help resolve disputes quickly and reduce legal costs. The cameras are also ideal for personal use or for leisure activities, such as recording driving experiences to post on social media.
Customers can choose from the base model Full HD Real-Time Recorder or the Full HD Vehicle Video Recorder with GPS. The additional GPS capability enables continuous geo-tagging of the vehicle, thereby providing richer event information.
Both units have a 5-Mpixel CMOS camera with 105° wide-angle view, and record data continuously at 1080p/30fps on a SDHC card up to 4GB. Recording starts automatically without driver intervention when vehicle power is turned on, and stops when turned off. 

A built-in 2.5-inch LCD display allows immediate in-vehicle playback of recorded video. The smart black plastic enclosure integrates a suction holder, swivel bracket, one-button user interface, and mini-USB socket.

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