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 DAQ Modules for harsh environments

Dewesoft has expanded the Krypton product line with the Krypton 6xSTG module.  I 

The Krypton DAQ module is shockproof and vibration proof.  Being milled from a  single block of aluminium and then filled with rubber also makes this module completely waterproof.

The universal STG 10V amplifier runs with a sample rate that reaches up to 20 kHz per channel. Inputs are compatible with DSI adapters which can additionally support IEPE/ICP sensors, LVDTs, charge, thermocouple and more.

The technical specifications of the Krypton 6xSTG include :

  • Input Channels – 6 channels, Voltage, full bridge strain, ½ bridge strain, ¼ bridge strain.
  • Input Signals – Voltage: ±10 V, ±1 V, ±100mV, ±10mV, Compatible with DSI adapters.
  • Input Connector – DSUB9
  • Sampling Rate – Simultaneous 100…20000 S/sec per channel (software-selectable)
  • Overvoltage protection – ln+ to ln-: 50 V continuous, 200 V peak (10 msec)
  • Input Accuracy – ±0.03% of reading, ±0.02% of range, ±0.1 mV
  • Bridge Connection Types – Full bridge strain, ½ bridge strain, ¼ bridge strain (3-wire)
  • Weight – 1100g
  • Slice Dimensions – 213 x 54 x 56mm
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