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Dairy manufacturer goes solar as an alternative to escalating LPG costs

A leading South Australian dairy manufacturer sought an advanced solar
tube heating solution from Greenland Systems to reduce their dependence on
expensive LPG.

One of Australia’s most progressive manufacturers and exporters of
certified biodynamic-organic dairy products such as milks, yogurt, Quarks,
butter and soft and hard cheeses, B.-d. Farm Paris Creek Pty. Ltd. used LPG to
provide energy for the hot water and steam processes at their dairy production

However, the escalating price of LPG forced dairy proprietors, Ulli and
Helmut Spranz to seek an alternate solution with the assistance of a Clean
Energy Grant from the Clean Technology Food and Foundry Investment Program.

Given the high requirement for ultra-hot water in their processes, they wanted
a system that was economical, sustainable, environment-friendly and sufficient
to meet their energy needs. While solar was always the answer, they also needed
a commercial and reliable system.

After searching the market for the most advanced solar thermal
technology that would supply them with intensive water heating and steam for
their processes throughout the year, Ulli and Helmut discovered Greenland
Systems (Melbourne), a world leader in tubular solar energy for high
temperature industrial process heating and cooling.

Greenland’s systems assure high efficiency all year round, whether in
direct or diffuse solar irradiation.

Greenland supplied and coordinated the installation of sixty solar
collectors of their patent registered type GLX100. The company also programmed,
manufactured and supplied all the purpose-designed automated electronic and
power control systems required for the installation.

Greenland Systems MD Marko Pintar expects the system to supply 90% of
all heating energy required in summer and approximately 50% in winter, with
annual energy savings of 70% to 78%. While the ROI for the dairy manufacturer is
approximately four years, the life expectancy of the Greenland Systems solar
field made of GLX100 collectors is in excess of 30 years. 

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