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Cynch Security deciphers the Defence Prime security model

Cynch Security

Cynch Security, a Melbourne based cyber solutions SME, recently partnered with Thales Australia to complete a three-month pilot program aimed at helping SMEs and suppliers in the Defence Prime supply chains navigate cyber security and improve their readiness. 

The program analysed the cyber security position of the five SMEs currently operating within the Thales supply chain. Cynch Security used their Cyber Fitness platform to identify the risks and threats faced by these Defence suppliers. 

Cynch Security provided tailored solutions to help the SMEs meet the increased security requirements of the Defence industry network. 

Based on the results of the pilot program, other governments and multiple Defence Primes have approached Cynch Security to provide similar programs. 

The cyber resilience program emerged out of discussions with Cynch Security founders Susie Jones, Adam Selwood and Thales Australia chief information security officer Ben Doyle while taking part in the CyRise Cybersecuirity Accelerator. 

Thales’ director of Purchasing, Michelle Richard, assisted them to identify possible gaps in security and entry points for malicious actors that could exist in the growing Defence industry supply chains. 

As the Australian Defence industry ramps up, supply chains are expanding and incorporating new small business across the country, all with varying degrees of security measures in place. As with any network, supply chains are only as secure as their weakest link. 

“Securing their business from everyday cyber threats is often hard enough for small business,” Jones said. 

“Faced with the added layers of a Defence Prime’s cyber security requirements – this can be an extremely daunting task.”  

That’s where Cynch Security comes in – helping SMEs understand and match the increased cyber security model used in Defence industry. 

The company have welcomed the opportunity to measure themselves against the Defence Prime’s requirements. They have found that businesses are enthusiastic about the program. 

Cynch today 

The start-up now has a team of nine staff and a growing list of diverse clients. They offer everything from short and sharp one-off programs, to monthly and annual memberships. 

When asked about the experience partnering with a Defence Prime, Jones said the experience has been transformative. 

“The advice and expertise we have received, and the willingness to give us a shot has been a great experience – it has transformed our market position,” Jones said.  

From the initial pilot of five SMEs, Cynch Security is now working with the Queensland and South Australian governments to support the cyber fitness of an additional 50 small businesses. 

In the long term, Jones hopes to work with Global Supply Chain programs to help Australian SMEs secure their business for international supply chain opportunities. 

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