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Cyber Technology prosecuted for trying to export drones

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) has prosecuted
Perth company, Cyber Technology for trying to export drones without a permit.

According to an ACBPS statement, the Perth Magistrates ordered the company to forfeit their
goods, worth $80,000, and the company was given a 12 month good behaviour bond
with $5,000 surety.

An export permit was presented by the company; however it
did not cover the goods being exported. The goods were subsequently seized by

The reason drones are controlled by ACBPS is that they can
be used for military use.

In a separate incident in March, a Cyber Technology employee
tried to travel overseas with controlled goods. The goods were accompanied by a
permit which did not cover the goods being exported and the goods were also

Cyber Technology said in a statement that the incidents were
the result of clerical errors and incorrect paper work.

The company said the “clerical errors were made in February
& March of 2013, during a period of significant company restructure and
related to the shipping of UAV equipment.”

It added that its guilty plea to the charges was the result
of a commercial decision.

“This has been an unfortunate outcome, considering the
nature of the submission error. The error related to an over specified product
description, of shipped equipment on register. This caused Australian Customs
to hold the equipment. The company’s internal process was rectified in April
2013,” the statement said.

It added, “Every effort has been made and continues to be
made to comply with all relevant legislation.”

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