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Customers drive Jonel’s move into professional bolting technology

One of New Zealand’s leading hydraulic and high-force technology service and application specialists, Jonel Hydraulics, has made the country’s most extensive purchase ever of Enerpac professional bolting technology for the national hire market.

The equipment – including rigid steel torque wrenches, tensioners, nut splitters and pumps – will be used by Jonels to service markets where they have built up extensive experience, including oil and gas, mining, cranes, building and construction, energy and infrastructure and manufacturing.

The Enerpac technology is part of a global family of professional bolting tools engineered to safely and simply streamline and automate many common, time-consuming and potentially hazardous manual maintenance and fabrication tasks, including pipelines, heavy vehicle and building and machinery.

The breakthrough entry into the hire and rental market – which demands tools built to withstand the wear and tear of hire to the toughest industrial markets – was announced jointly by Enerpac and Jonel Hydraulics, which said the move was driven by demand from customers with whom they had developed strong relationships based on service, follow up and professionalism.

Enerpac said Jonel’s extensive experience with selling and servicing Enerpac technology mean it was well positioned to develop the hire market as major growth occurred in projects demanding it. “Jonel Hydraulics has invested in its people and its capabilities to grow its reputation, resources and skills to be truly world class in its attitudes and expertise – our globally respected brand is in very capable hands,” says Pat Molloy, Professional Bolting Manager of Enerpac.

This is the largest-ever sale of Enerpac professional bolting equipment into New Zealand. Enerpac technology includes: Torque wrench, socket, tensioner and nut splitter systems, including the S and W series of compact but high pressure (700 bar) hexagonal and square drive steel hydraulic torque wrenches. Jonel’s S series range – offering maximum torque of 34,079 Nm – extends from three-quarter inch to 21.5 inch. The W series low profile double-acting hexagon wrench cassette sizes extend from 30-115mm (one and a quarter to four and five eighth inch) . The compact W series wrenches, with nose radius of 31-87.5mm – achieve maximum torque of 20.337Nm.

Air and electric pumps that are purpose-built for efficiency and safety. These include New generation torque wrench pumps from Enerpac have been developed specifically for demanding and repetitive bolting applications in industries such as oil, gas, mining and water pipelines and civil engineering, construction, maintenance and metal fabrication.

One of New Zealand’s most comprehensive ranges of high-pressure (700 bar) hydraulic lifting equipment, which packs more lifting power into a smaller space and makes cylinder placement simpler and safer.

George Pavletich, Enerpac Product Manager at Jonel Hydraulics says the combination of Enerpac global technology and capabilities with Jonels’ extensive local expertise is ideal, because reliability and technical support is paramount across a huge spectrum of industry where speed, efficiency and safety are crucial.

“Because we find Enerpac equipment is better designed and constructed from stronger materials than what is currently offered in the market, it is more suited to the hire market – with fewer in-field break downs and less maintenance on return to base," says Pavletich.

“We also think Enerpac’s safety record is a much better fit with the tough safety regulations governing New Zealand industrial sites. It is undoubtedly the most advanced professional bolting technology available."

Director of Jonel Hydraulics, Suren Surendran adds “Jonel Hydraulics has earned the respect of its growing customer base by combining good old-fashioned service and followup with leading edge technology and training.

“We do pride ourselves in being quick off the mark – we have a rule in the service centre that when someone comes in, they must be attended to within 30 seconds,” says Surendran, who with fellow director Rob Sweet, has instilled a culture of customer service throughout the company.

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