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Customer First, Developers next

Wonderware has launched its Customer First program, a new multi-level software maintenance and support program to help customers receive maximum value from their software solutions.

In addition, Wonderware announced a Developer Network, an online environment that provides extensive resources and a venue for collaboration for members of the Wonderware Customer First program which include customers, systems integrators, third-party suppliers and Wonderware experts.

The Wonderware Customer First program offers support options tailored to meet specific customer needs, including 24/7 support, a dedicated technical account management team, critical incident response, software updates and advice on software architecture and security. The program is designed to exceed traditional, reactive support programs by providing assistance and expertise during the planning, building, commissioning, operation and evolution of customer applications. The Wonderware Customer First program offers four distinct levels of support to help clients sustain and improve manufacturing operations and industrial infrastructure operations.

Members of the program can choose the most appropriate support level based on project milestones, complexity of the production operation, maturity of the application and the expertise of a client’s resources.

“The goal in launching the Wonderware Customer First program is to provide excellence in support and services that meet and exceed customer requirements throughout the lifecycle of an application,” said Mike Pring, vice president, Wonderware Customer Support and Services.

The Wonderware Developer Network Web site enables members to access a large volume of valuable electronic and human resources to help them extract the greatest amount of return from their software investment.

“The collaborative nature of the Wonderware Developer Network is a significant step in productivity for Wonderware Customer First members,” said Tim Sowell, vice president, Wonderware Solution Strategy and Ecosystem. “This new online community brings together the most active and innovative people in the Wonderware engineering ecosystem including customers, system integrators, developers and architects from all over the world. It provides access to a tremendous range of new resources, enables the sharing of ideas and examples to encourage innovation, accelerates project planning and execution, and assists all members of the Wonderware ecosystem to achieve successful software implementations.”

The Wonderware Customer First support team leverages more than 20 years of experience by Wonderware in assisting over 100,000 clients in 180 countries through each phase of their application lifecycle, from start-up to ongoing improvements of mission-critical operations. Members of the new Wonderware Customer First program will benefit from an experienced global team with the added benefit of software project support and exclusive access to the Wonderware Developer Network.

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