Custom designed belt solutions for equipment manufacturers


The Timken Belts Super II® V-Belt has earned its reputation as “the problem solver.” Previously known as Timken Carlise, the belt is a particular favourite among drive systems experts like Motion Australia’s category manager, Steve Hittmann, due to their custom solution offering. 

“Timken has been flexible in working with us to create custom Super II belts for OEMs, and tradespeople who repair equipment for a living,” says Steve. 

“The Super II belt is stand alone in its design, specially formulated with fibrous EPDM rubber compounds, it’s engineered fabrics and high-modulus polyester cord offer greater strength and longer life,” he explains. “The central neutral axis cord placement positions the strength of the belt lower on the pulleys to stabilise the arrangement and prevent roll-over.”

 “Additionally, the raw edge construction results in more efficient power transmission and reduced energy loss,” he adds. 

A unique example is Motion Australia and Timken’s joint work with manufacturers of lawn and garden machinery.

“We have a couple of accounts that produce industrial mowers, and belt sizing for them can be very specific when avoiding risk of jump or slippage during operation,” says Steve.  “Nobody is happy when a mower breaks down, especially in the middle of a field.” 

To develop a smart belting solution for these customers, the team at Motion Australia, deferred to Timken to produce branded belt solutions that could be included in the production of their mowers.

“The Timken factory was able to manufacture this special belt to a specific size to match the application required by the customer,” explains Steve. “Timken continue to manufacture the belts and Motion Australia supply and control the inventory, as required.” 

One of these unique arrangements is managed by Steve Burgess, Branch Manager at Motion Industrial Centre Welshpool. 

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