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CSIRO’s plan to boost Aussie innovation


Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, has announced plans to boost Australia’s innovation overseas by opening a CSIRO US office.

According to CSIRO chief executive Larry Marshall, in order to accelerate innovation rates in Australia, it is necessary to increase international engagement in regions where there is an opportunity to return value to Australia.

“From this point of view the US is a no brainer,” he said.

Nigel Warren, general manager CSIRO global, anticipates that CSIRO US will help put Australian breakthroughs at the centre of the world’s research and technology frontier.

“CSIRO US will provide a gateway to a market with big economic potential,” he said.

“CSIRO will support the Australian government and partner with the research sector and business – playing the role of Australia’s innovation catalyst on a global scale.

“This means we can amplify the impact of CSIRO technology and open the door for other Australian researchers, businesses and start-ups to realise more commercial value from their great innovations by taking them into a bigger market.”

CSIRO US will open its doors in the first half of 2017, to be located in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley, in order to take advantage of CSIRO’s existing relationships with companies such as NASA, Bayer LLP and Boeing.

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