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CSIRO to staff graduates from Chinese university

CSIRO Exploration & Mining has signed a relationship agreement with the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT), promoting information exchanges and utilising the university for graduate staff for CSIRO projects.

The agreement formalises an already-close relationship between the division and the university, including technical discussions and information exchange in coal mine science and technology in Beijing, Xuzhou and Brisbane.

“CUMT is a leading multi-disciplinary polytechnic university in coal mining science and technology. Its Xuzhou and Beijing campuses have a track record of more than 50 years in delivering advanced coal mining science and technology to the Chinese coal mining industry,” said CSIRO Exploration & Mining chief, Dr Mike McWilliams.

“The University’s unique research facilities and strong team of research staff and students are recognised in China and internationally.”

University president, Professor Shirong Ge, supports the decision to formalise the relationship, suggesting CSIRO Exploration & Mining and CUMT share common goals, including improving mine safety and productivity, and minimising the environmental impact of mining.

“We recognise that major issues such as deep mining can be addressed more efficiently and effectively through combined effort,” said Professor Ge.

McWilliams says the agreement will also benefit the division with sourcing qualified staff.

“This agreement will enable suitable CUMT candidates to help fill current and future positions for research scientists and post-doctoral fellows in Australia,” he said.

“The agreement will also allow some of CSIRO’s projects in China to be supported by CUMT research personnel.”

CSIRO and CUMT will collaborate in seven areas of research: coal mine gas, fire, outburst and water control; longwall mining technologies; geomechanics and ground control; mining automation; mine real time monitoring instruments and systems; mine environmental management; and, coal mine methane capture and utilisation.


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