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CSIRO information management software wins Offshore Asia award

An information management software package developed by CSIRO Petroleum Resources and applied by Brazilian energy company, Petrobras, was awarded the ‘Best Technical Innovation Award’ at the 2009 Offshore Asia Conference in Thailand.

The information management software package, called Genesis, allows comprehensive and easy analysis of drilling and completions data, CSIRO says.

The system is a planning tool to improve drilling and new wells completion.

CSIRO petroleum resources project leader Dr Edson Nakagawa said the oil and gas industry is keen to improve their performance and reduce costs.

“The industry demands increasingly sophisticated information and knowledge management systems to capture and retain past experiences to increase efficiency and reduce costs of new operations,” he said.

“Genesis encompasses a wide range of integrated tools that helps industry achieve this goal, by producing optimised plans both quickly and easily.”

Receiving the award was Genesis Petroleum Technologies managing director, Dr Carlos Damski. Genesis Petroleum Technologies is a spin off company commercialising the software on a global scale.

Damski said that the Genesis technology was a result of research collaboration and industry support.

“Genesis is currently the only tool on the market that allows a breakdown of all operations performed, and then uses this information to accurately predict future operations under similar conditions,” he said.

Genesis produces results and project plans through a pre-defined set of analysis and planning facilities using data from different sources and an intuitive interface, said CSIRO.

The software is designed to enable companies to analyse their pre-existing data, making it more efficient to make better and quicker decisions as situations change.

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