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CSIRO launches new hybrid energy technology hub

The CSIRO has launched the new Centre for Hybrid Energy Systems; a collaborative facility to research renewable and hybrid energy technologies.

The centre will be a hub for researchers and industry to identify, improve, and tailor energy technologies for specific needs, sharing the benefits of these systems to government.

The combination of two or more forms of energy generation, storage, or end-use technologies include renewable or non-renewable energy sources, electrical and chemical energy storage, and fuel cells, which are often connected via a smart grid.

CSIRO fellow Dr. Sukhvinder Badwal said the global demand for hybrid energy systems was due to the increased availability of renewable power generation and storage technologies such as batteries, fuel cells, and household solar.

“These technologies are becoming cost competitive, but the key to greater use is to combine them in connected hybrid systems,” he said.

“By doing this, we can offer substantial improvements in performance, reliability of power, flexibility, and cost.”

Allen Chao, Delta Energy Systems Australia director, said their company was set to undertake a variety of research projects with CSIRO in the hybrid energy sector.

“The opening of the Centre for Hybrid Energy Systems will expand research in this area and marks a significant milestone to ensure the success of any industry cooperation,” he said.

The centre will also provide education, testing and certification services for emerging storage batteries, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

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