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CSIRO collaborates for mine of the future

Government, industry and research leaders from the resource sectors are meeting for the Mining Innovation: ‘Mine of the Future’ Forum in Brisbane today.

The forum is designed to help the Queensland resources industry collaboratively conceive, develop and implement the mine of the future, as it prepares to re-position itself for an economic upswing, according to a statement from the CSIRO.

The Mining Innovation: ‘Mine of the Future’ forum is part of the CitySmart Innovation Festival 2009. The Festival comprises over 70 events designed to bring together business, policy makers, researchers and organisations to explore innovative opportunities to promote greater sustainability.

Hosted by Rio Tinto with the support of CSIRO and the University of Queensland (UQ), it will include presentations from Rio Tinto, CSIRO, UQ, the Queensland Resource Council and several small and medium enterprises that are moving to help bring innovation to the industry.

CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship business development manager, Tim McLennan, said the event will have a positive effect on the industry.

“An important aspect of the innovation process is the establishment of partners to bring new ideas through the commercialisation process and actually into the marketplace, events like this help develop and secure those linkages,“ he said.

Rio Tinto’s Dr Fred Delabbio said the economic downturn provided opportunities.

“As everyone is unsure of the outcomes of the economic downturn this is a great opportunity to re-position for the future by using some of the most innovative techniques to ensure the safety and productivity of the resources sector,” he said.

Prof Chris Moran from the Sustainable Minerals Institute at University of Queensland said: “We’re looking towards a holistic view, and driving radical innovations that deliver a better balance between returns from minerals today and positive legacies for the future.”

Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman is one of the keynote speakers.

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