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CSIRO and Gold Fields Australia sign agreement

The partnership will allow GFA to provide their mines as beta test sites for new CSIRO technologies. It will also give both organisations the opportunity to gain access to the results of advanced technology research from each other.

The Relationship Agreement was signed for CSIRO by Dr Peter Lilly, Director, Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship. Mr Neville Bergin — VP Head of Australian Operations signed on behalf of GFA.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to work with a strong industry partner to help create wealth for Australia and to ensure the future of an industry that is extremely important to Australia’s economy.”

GFA is committed to optimising existing exploration and mining operations and aggressively pursuing and developing additional world-class deposits and applying best practice technology.

“It makes it clear that CSIRO is open for business and willing to work closely with industry partners,”

Dr Lilly said.“We are vitally interested in innovation in all its forms,” Mr Bergin said.

The agreement is expected to result in a closer linking of the strategic planning of both parties, a closer working relationship in specific areas, and new R&D projects of interest to both parties.

Dr Lilly believes that the signing of the Relationship Agreement sends a strong message to the minerals industry in Australia.

“We would be delighted to hear from any other organisations that want to explore how we can help further each other’s aims.”

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