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CSIA membership’s record growth

The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) broke its membership records in 2007, extending its global reach to Australia.

Executive Director Norman O’Leary announced that CSIA surpassed, for the first time, the 300-member level. Another record was set, with 59 new members during 2007. CSIA now has presence in North, Central, and South America; Europe, from the United Kingdom to the Czech Republic; the Middle East; Australia; and Asia — including control system integrators in China, India, Japan, and Russia.

“Our expanded mass and reach will enable CSIA to provide members even more valuable business tools — and opportunities — to facilitate their delivery of the key automation services that manufacturers worldwide need to grow.

Robert Zeigenfuse, chairman of CSIA’s Executive Board (and president of CSIA member Advanced Automation) adds that their continuing growth strengthens their status as the premier organisation worldwide for system integrators sepcialising in automating industrial and manufacturing applications.

“It is no coincidence,” Zeigenfuse noted, “that we made such dramatic progress during the year in which we reached a very important milestone — the achievement by our 100th member of CERTIFIED status. Our CERTIFIED members,” he continued, “bring to their projects a proven set of business management capabilities — beyond their acknowledged technical superiority — confirmed by the rigorous audit process that leads to certification.”

The certification program was established by CSIA in 2002 to recognise and verify the “performers” in system integration and help end users minimize the risk associated with selecting an integrator for an automation project. It is based on end-users’ needs to assess a prospective integrator’s business practices, not just technical competence, sales volume, or years in business.

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