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Cryogenic LNG technology wins APPEA scholarship

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) has awarded its K A Richards Scholarship to Paul Hofman to continue his research into increasing LNG production efficiency through cryogenic pressure swing adsorption.

Western Australia premier Colin Barnett presented Hofman with his award at an APPEA event in Perth last week.

According to APPEA, Hofman’s research could lead to the successful development of new technology to increase the production efficiency of LNG and consequently reduce the environmental impact and cost of LNG production.

This technology could also mean that many gas fields that are currently economically and environmentally marginal fields will become commercially viable, APPEA said.

Hofman said that though it is quite exciting to receive the award’s associated prize, the additional opportunities and experiences that the award provides are the most exciting aspect of winning the award.

The K A Richards Scholarship aims to promote post-graduate studies in Australia in the fields of petroleum engineering and petroleum geoscience.

The scholarship provides funding to a one year for Masters study or three years full-time or appropriate part time study for a Doctoral degree.

The funds can support living expenses, travel, materials, laboratory or computer services fees.

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