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Crisptech changes trading name to Ethernet Australia Pty Ltd

Industrial communications products specialist Crisptech is changing its
name to Ethernet Australia Pty Ltd as part of a repositioning exercise to better
reflect its vision of ‘connecting industry’. Ethernet Australia was formerly
the industrial communications division of Crisptech.

Crisptech, a 15-year-old importer and distributor of industrial
communications products, has effected the name change as part of the company’s
strategy to focus exclusively on the marketing and sale of industrial cabling,
networking, wireless and IP camera solutions to Australia’s mining, transport,
infrastructure, power and water distribution, and building and manufacturing
automation sectors.

General Manager Nick Czeperko said ‘Ethernet Australia’ best described the
company’s business – that of providing communication devices for industry, and effectively
connecting industry in various forms and modes.

He explained that individual business units within Crisptech were separated
to create Ethernet Australia, Lumigen and Elindus two and a half years ago.
Crisptech decided to exit Lumigen and Elindus at the end of December 2014 to focus
solely on the industrial communications division of the business.

Observing that industrial communications, cabling, networking, wireless and
fibre products have been the backbone of the business from inception, Mr Czeperko
said that they have recently added IP cameras and fanless embedded computers to
further enhance industrial surveillance and connectivity capabilities.

Though a known name in the industry for over 15 years, Crisptech
understood the need to rebrand and reposition the business for the future.
Having a trading name that more accurately described their business and future
business aspirations was an important part of this exercise.

Mr Czeperko added that the rebrand was simply a
name change, and all other details would remain the same including the ABN. 

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