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Create custom solutions for additional robot axis

ABB has introduced motor and gear unit packages that enable robot integrators to create custom solutions for workpiece positioners, robot carriers, track motions, servo guns and indexing conveyers. The motor and gear units are designed to optimise cost-efficiency and performance and to simplify integration and operation.

“We wanted to help system integrators in Australia build their solutions with our proven motors, gears and cables,” said Olivier Coquerel, ABB’s general manager for Robotics. “It’s a whole pre-engineered package that simplifies integration with ABB robots and robot controllers. We have also standardised the offer to make it more cost-efficient.”

The motor units come in four sizes, including a new extra-large motor (MU400) that is perfect for high-power applications such as turntables. The gear units are being offered in the same seven versions that are currently built into ABB’s high-quality positioners, including both MTD (for positioning) and MID (for interchange) units.

These standard motor and gear units have been well tested, are designed to work perfectly with other ABB equipment and are easily available as spare parts.

The extended packages also include well-proven flexible cables to simplify integration and prolong life expectancy. In addition, ABB is offering serial measurement boards, push buttons for brake release and axis selectors for greater safety and control.

To ensure that integrators building customised positioners can tune both motor and gear unit parameters in order to achieve improved motion performance in less time, ABB are also introducing a new RobotWare software tool, TuneMaster.

“These packages will help integrators save valuable time on projects,” added Olivier. “Because they are delivered with predefined CAD models and configuration files, they are very easy to integrate. That is a huge benefit in all phases of a project, including proposal, simulation, planning, engineering, purchasing, installation, commissioning and documentation.”

The RemoteService option can monitor error messages from the motor and gear units to ensure the best possible uptime of ABB robots systems, and immediate response in case of any unplanned stoppages.

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