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COX releases rugged, precision flowmeter

COX Flow Measurement has released the LoFlo Series turbine flowmeter, a rugged, precision unit designed specifically for the needs of the industrial market.

According to COX, the LoFlo Series is a robust axial turbine flowmeter with exceptional repeatability of ±0.25% of reading.

Constructed of 316 stainless steel with -6 AN (MS) end-fittings, the meter employs a proprietary Si3N4 ceramic ball bearing system, which makes it well suited for the demands of water, hydrocarbon and cryogenic fluid applications.

The turbine flowmeter, using ceramic bearings, is said to offer reduced friction, corrosion resistance, increased durability and a wide temperature range — contributing to longer life.

Ceramic ball bearings have considerably less friction than journal or sleeve bearings, which, in turn, extends the usable range of the flowmeter and improves the repeatability of the flow measurement, COX says.

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