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COX Instruments develops ‘world-class’ automotive flowmeter factory

Flow measurement vendor COX Instruments has released a flowmeter production line compliant with the ISO/TS-16949 automotive industry standard.

COX Instruments is a precision flow measurement instrumentation supplier for some of the world’s most demanding applications.

COX describes its new flowmeter production line as “world-class”, implementing a comprehensive quality documentation system addressing every process required to economically produce the highest quality flow measurement products, the company says.

The ISO/TS-16949 Standard is an International Standardization Organization (ISO) Technical Specification defining the quality system requirements for the design/development, production, installation, and servicing of automotive-related products.

Developed in conjunction with the International Automotive Task Force (IATF), ISO/TS-16949 aligns into one global specification all existing standards used in the automotive industry supply chain.

According to COX Instruments vice president sales and marketing, Ron Madison, COX Instruments has instituted a unique “Company within a Company” approach integrating its flow measurement expertise with flowmeter manufacturing capabilities.

COX’s production operation employs automated flowmeter assembly, calibration, testing and data management, as well as automated material management and invoicing in a single-piece flow work cell with point-of-use stock.

“Cox Instruments comprehends the need for 100 per cent product performance when distributing thousands of flowmeters in OEM applications,” said Madison.

“Our new, world-class flowmeter production line provides material and assembly traceability on each flowmeter delivered encompassing total quality from raw materials to finished products.

“The end result drives product confidence, eliminating liability and potential costly replacements, while minimizing product cost.”

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