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When it comes to sourcing the myriad of components necessary for food manufacturing plants, allocating fewer products to a broader range of applications saves on both downtime and costs for the business. Rocol’s comprehensive range of food-grade lubricants simplifies broad audit compliance and reduces the potential risk of on-site contamination.

All Rocol FOODLUBE products are NSF-H1 registered, meeting complete HACCP standards and manufactured exclusively with FDA approved ingredients. The majority of FOODLUBE products are Halal, Kosher, and Vegan Trademark registered solutions, allowing their widespread compatibility across the food and beverage industry. Processed by ITW Polymers & Fluids in Sydney, the entire Rocol range assists in product rationalisation for strategic investment. Boasting an equipment care solution that accommodates for stringent regulations, Rocol offers streamlined safety procedures and overall expense reduction.


This versatile and high-grade maintenance spray lubricates, penetrates, displaces water, and protects against corrosion. Suitable for all-round light application on small bearings, pins, bushes and slides, this product provides a long-lasting protective film in a broad temperature range. FOODLUBE spray can be used as drilling, tapping and cutting lubricant and is particularly useful for carrying out maintenance across processing areas.


A multi-purpose, water-resistant EP grease that allows for enhanced lubrication on high speed applications at a wide range of temperatures. Fortified with PTFE, this formula can protect ball, roller and plain bearings amongst other general uses, reducing the need for excess inventory. FOODLUBE also incorporates improved pumpability, rendering it suitable for long piping and small bore tubing.


This anti-seize lubricating paste can be applied where food grade assembly compound is required. It is non-toxic, and can be utilised across a wide temperature range to protect fasteners, bushes, slides and small open gears. Formulated to prevent galling and pickup on assembly, this paste is ideally suited to stainless steel surfaces. The FOODLUBE Multi-Paste can be used as a drilling, tapping and cutting compound minimising the number of additional products required on site.

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