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Country’s first floating solar plant to be built in South Australia

Construction is due to start on the country’s first floating solar power plant. It is expected to be begin operations by early April.

According to the ABC, the plant will float on a wastewater treatment facility in Jamestown in the state’s mid north.

Based in SA’s Aberfoyle Park, Infratech Industries, has developed and installed solar plants in South Korea and France. However, the one being installed in Jamestown is said to be an improved model.

The panels would be built offsite and assembled at the treatment plant.

The solar panels would be 57 percent more efficient compared with panels on land as the water mass will keep them cool. The panels will also prevent evaporation of up to 90 percent of the water’s surface area.

The added benefit is the prevention of blue-green algae outbreaks.

The solar plant is expected to generate enough energy to power its co-located wastewater treatment facility. Excess power will flow on to Jamestown.

Once operational, the plant is expected to become Infratech’s showpiece for export around the world.

[Image: ABC/Infratech]

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