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Coriolis flow transmitter providing improved measurement insight

Emerson Process Management announces the launch of the new Micro Motion Model 5700 transmitter, a Coriolis flow transmitter designed to translate measurement data into meaningful insight and instruction.

Suitable for a broad range of applications from liquid and gas custody transfer to simple process control, Micro Motion Model 5700 flow transmitter is based on Emerson’s Human Centred Design approach to technology innovation, according to product manager Jason Leapley.

The development of the transmitter was preceded by usability testing to fully understand user information demands and real-world application requirements. Every feature of the Model 5700 was designed to reduce the time and expertise needed to install and operate the Coriolis meter.

Bill Graber, Emerson’s vice president of marketing for the Micro Motion business explains that Model 5700 transmitter goes beyond merely providing more data to delivering usable information, providing even deeper process insight from Micro Motion Coriolis measurement.

The outcome empowers customers to better leverage rich Coriolis measurement data in order to further understand and improve their operating environments and achieve new levels of productivity.

Key features of Micro Motion Model 5700 flow transmitters include access to detailed measurement history for troubleshooting or optimising the process; intuitive graphical user interface with simplified installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting; and Coriolis measurement data translated into useful operating insight through robust, time-stamped history files for process and meter health data, and logs for configuration changes and alarms.

Micro Motion Model 5700 flow transmitters deliver several benefits including digital signal processing architecture providing fast flow response time, making it optimal for custody transfer and short batching applications; historian feature improving Micro Motion Smart Meter Verification, which provides measurement of the full meter health without process interruption, enhancing measurement confidence and easing regulation compliance; compatibility with new and previously installed Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis sensors; and a field-mount design suitable for most hazardous area installation practices and with both integral and remote installation options.

Micro Motion Model 5700 transmitters include options for analogue, pulse, discrete and Modbus outputs and an analogue or HART input. The Model 5700 and additional digital communication options will be available for other Micro Motion meters and platforms in the near future.

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