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Cooper Fluid Systems optimises torque wrench performance with Enerpac calibration bench

Cooper Fluid Systems Mount Isa utilises a new Enerpac calibration bench
to optimise the safety, accuracy and reliability of their hydraulic torque
wrenches while saving customers time and money.

Designed for all makes of hydraulic torque wrenches, Enerpac’s calibration
bench offers flexibility of use in the workshop as well as in portable
applications, enabling Cooper to calibrate the tools on-site and minimise
downtime and production delays. The bench and pump are mounted in a
transportable ‘calibration cage’ allowing the equipment to be taken anywhere

Cooper Fluid Systems workshop supervisor Mr Gary Chatham comments that the
calibration bench helps them better service their customers by ensuring all of
their torque wrenches are working in the specified ranges.

According to Mr Chatham, having an in-house calibration bench saves the
company as well as their customers lots of time and costs by eliminating the
need to ship tools out of Mount Isa to be serviced, which can be expensive in
terms of freight cost and downtime.

Enerpac National Bolting Manager Mr Pat Molloy says all precision tools and
hydraulic pumps periodically require testing. He explains that materials wear
and age, causing the torque output to vary due to several factors including
loss of lubrication inside the tool. Auditing and verification procedures using
Enerpac’s calibration bench help correct these potentially hazardous errors.

Describing torque wrenches as some of the safest and most reliable
non-impact fastening technologies available, Mr Molloy observed that they, like
any powerful precision tool, need to be operated properly to get the best out
of them over the long term.

Enerpac W series torque wrenches weigh only
1.4-12kg and have precisely repeatable torque in a 2712-47450 Nm range. They
are complemented by the equally versatile S series double-acting square drive
wrenches, which weigh 2.7-31kg and have outputs of 1898-34079 Nm.

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