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Cooling solution for remote field-based instrumentation


Intertec has launched a family of high-performance water coolers, designed to work in combination with passive cooling systems. The combination of active and passive cooling technologies provides process control and instrumentation engineers with the means to configure field protection cabinets and shelters with highly reliable cooling. The combination is suited to protecting remote and mission-critical control and instrumentation equipment.

The two cooling technologies can work together to handle extreme climatic conditions, or maintain continued operation in the event of one system failing. Should electrical power fail completely, the passive cooling system continues to operate indefinitely – maintaining low shelter temperatures until maintenance work can be performed. The new family of water coolers – dubbed Hybricool – are housed in tough GRP enclosures, which are suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions.

The water coolers have an IP rating of IP65 and can also be provided in versions suitable for use in hazardous areas. A range of sizes and cooling capacities allows users to select optimal cooling solutions for all common scales of outdoor protection applications from enclosures, to larger cabinets and walk-in shelters.

The company expects the combination of a Hybricool and passive cooler to allow process instrumentation and control engineers to create highly reliable cooling strategies for critical equipment, with a high degree of failsafe redundancy. When electrical power is available, the cooler feeds cool water into the cabinet’s passive cooling system to provide a highly efficient cooling mechanism. If the cooler should fail for any reason – because of an electrical power loss for example – the passive cooling system retains enough capacity to keep a cabinet or shelter cool for several days, allowing plenty of time for maintenance to take place.


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