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Control solutions conference

CSense is inviting production managers, process engineers, quality managers and instrumentation and control specialists to attend the upcoming CSense Users’ Conference where CSense clients will share their experiences using CSense’s range of control solutions.

Taking place from 29 to 30 September in Velmore Estate, Guateng, South Africa, the Users’ Conference will host a mix of industry members and CSense engineers and staff from around the world.

Local companies already signed-up for the event include Fosters Group, Reynolds Automation, Motherwell Automation and MIPAC.

Program highlights include an advanced process control session, a process performance enhancement workshop using CSense software, and a CSense informative session on new developments in CSense software.

Dr Tom Fiske, senior analyst at the ARC Advisory Group will be the keynote speaker at the conference, presenting a reportedly independent view on CSense’s market positioning and advanced process control best practices.

Fiske is part of the automation consulting team at ARC, covering the global process manufacturing markets. He is also responsible for writing in-depth research reports and providing advice to clients regarding their automation strategies and production practices, focusing on operations management, collaborative production management, MES, process simulation and analytics, advanced process control, asset optimisation, and real-time performance management systems.

CSense has recently added two new workshops to its line-up — one on chemical solutions and the other on brewery solutions.

The chemical solutions session will be chaired by Bert Baeck, CEO of D Square in Belgium and an expert in the chemical industry. He will speak about issues in the global chemical industry, and which of these can be realistically addressed by CSense. There will also be a panel discussion involving end users from the petrochemical and chemical industries, including chemical engineers and executive managers.

A panel of experts from the brewery industry will host the brewery solutions workshop, where they will describe the typical challenges and business drivers in breweries internationally. CSense partners from different around the world will relate how they can create CSense Solutions to address some of these challenges. End users from different breweries internationally will participate in the discussion and express their requirements.

CSense is a South African company that provides data and applications including diagnostic and advanced process control solutions for process variation problems.

Companies interested in attending the CSense Users’ Conference are encouraged to visit for registration and timetable information.

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