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Control Logic releases RFID safety sensors by Schmersal

Control Logic announces the launch of a new range of RFID safety sensors from Schmersal featuring an industry standard housing and designed as a high-end solution to overcome limitations of electro-mechanical devices.

Utilising wear-free RFID technology, the new RSS16 safety sensor by Schmersal shares its dimensions with the proven AZ16 electro-mechanical safety switch. Featuring an industry standard design, the RSS16 is widely used all around the world as ‘the’ safety switch. The addition of Schmersal’s RFID technology gives users of the new RSS16 safety sensors the option of three levels of protection.

The basic version will accept any actuator of the RSS family. Secondly, users can teach an actuator to work with the one device; teaching can be repeated any number of times with a delay time between teaching cycles. The third and highest level of tamper resistance ensures only the actuator presented at the very first power up of the device will be accepted.

Key benefits of Schmersal’s RSS16 RFID safety sensors include the possibility to approach the device from three sides, providing a high level of flexibility when integrating into the surrounding construction; cost-effective and robust sensor allowing use as a magnetic door stop and latch up to 60N eliminating the need to use a separate stop and latching device; and ability to connect up to 31 RSS16 devices in series monitored by a single safety module while maintaining CAT4 or PLe.

The new RSS16 can be used in existing AZ16 applications with the ability to offer increased tamper protection but still keep to a 1:1 replacement.

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