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Control Logic releases NMI approved energy meters

Control Logic announces the launch of a new range of single phase and
three phase energy meters with NMI approval.

The Itron ACE2000 type 292 single phase energy meters and EM214 type 900
three phase energy meters are NMI approved and can be used for revenue

ACE2000 single phase energy meters

Key features include integral real time clock; compact and cost-effective
meter offering complex tariff functionality; ability to handle up to 6 tariff
registers; ability to calculate and display maximum demand for each tariff; and
battery-powered LCD display allowing reading without mains power availability.

EM214 type 900 three phase
energy meters

Key features include compact design with internal tariff control; ease
of installation, testing and reading; and strong anti-fraud design with
sealed-for-life meter cover and log book of past events.

Proudly distributed by Control Logic, both energy meters are direct
connect and rated for up to 100 amps.

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