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Control Logic releases Beta handheld controllers with IECEx approval

Control Logic announces the launch of new handheld controllers from Jay
Electronique with IECEx approval.

Jay Electronique follows up the successful release of the Moka handheld
control and the Alto transceiver late last year with the addition of the Beta 2
button and Beta 6 button units to their IECEx range. The new handheld
controllers are also approved for use in potentially explosive gas atmospheres
classified zone 0, 1, 2, or dust classified zones 20, 21, 22.

The new Beta handheld controllers incorporate all the existing features
of the SAFIR family including a backlit, anti-reflection LCD display indicating
battery charge level, behaviour of the radio link, name of the equipment being
controlled remotely, and feedback from the equipment such as weight of load,
overload, limit switches, alarms or fault diagnostics.

User-friendly navigation menus on the new handheld controllers also
allow the user to configure the application, integrate a large number of
functions or monitor a specific part of the equipment. The user can also
customise logos and pictograms appearing on the screen utilising the iDialog
software supplied with each unit.

Safety features in the SAFIR product range include
emergency stop function certified SIL3 per EN 61508 or PLe per EN 13849;
standard function buttons certified to SIL2 according to EN 61508 or PLd
according to EN 13849; infrared start-up; action zone limitation or validation
buttons; and password protected access to radio remote control and certain

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