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Control cabinet converters are flexible

Six sizes of the Nord SK 500E series control cabinet inverters are now available, with outputs from 0.25kW to 22kW. Once the output range has been set, whether the basic model or a fully-equipped package of functions, the external dimensions of the unit are identical. Especially for conversions or extensions of functions, the uniform space requirements regardless of the options selected makes life easy for users.

Many common industrial applications can be implemented "out of the box" with these cost-effective units. All versions are equipped with brake management, brake chopper and mains filter – and provide sensorless current vector control, PID controller for process control as well as switchable parameter sets. Five control inputs, which can be parameterised, two analogue inputs and an analogue output as well as two relay outputs provide a wide range of connection options even with the basic model.

The SK 500E range may also be supplemented with extras such as "Safe Stop" compliant with EN 945-1 or EN 13849-1 (up to maximum safety category 4, Stop category 0 and 1), a CANopen interface which is integrated on the PCB, a TTL rotary encoder input, further digital input and output channels or the function package for the POSICON position control.

In addition versions are available where the control board can be powered from an external a 24V supply allowing access to parameter data and the bus interface even if the main power is switched off enabling special applications such as evacuation runs for lifts, or uninterrupted online availability. Many SK 500E models are optionally available as Cold Plate versions or with heat sinks located outside of the control cabinet (external heat sink technology).

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