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Configuration and diagnostics tool

Michell Instruments has upgraded its diagnostic tool – the Universal Communications Kit – to enable users of their Easidew and Pura ranges to carry out on-site checks and reconfigure their dew-point transmitters simply and easily.

The upgraded tool comes with new application software, which is backwards compatible with previous versions.

This means users can use the upgraded tool with older transmitters, making it easier for service engineers who will not need to carry different pieces of kit.

The communications kit allows users to check and configure transmitters via application software installed on a PC.

This allows maintenance engineers to:

• Digitally measure and display moisture and temperature readings for on-site transmitter spot-checking

• Reconfigure the transmitter output units, range and fault settings to match requirements of the process

The complete diagnostic tool is packaged in a convenient carry case and includes the software, USB cable and transmitter docking station. It is powered from a PC USB port, which, in turn, powers and receives a digital signal from the Michell dew-point transmitter.

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