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Compressor supplier says OH&S is not enough

Compressed air specialist Champion Compressors has hired a new state manager who will work to ramp-up the company’s occupational health and safety (OH&S).

Tipped by the Australian Business Awards 2008 as the ‘employer of the year’ in the manufacturing division, Champion Compressors is serious about staff care.

The company’s new recruit, Ross McNamara, has taken on the role of New South Wales state manager to look after the daily operations of the business. However, McNamara will also be introducing some new innovation programs to look after both the company’s customers, and its staff.

“We are currently introducing ‘joint-venture’ training with industry partners and recently added the state government’s new OH&S training modules to our training set,” said McNamara.

“This is leading-edge training–it incorporates newly developed, industry-specific modules.” According to McNamara, OH&S needs more attention.

“It’s not good enough nowadays to just provide generic OH&S training to our people,” he said.

“Air compressors are often used in the most extreme conditions thus demanding the highest quality standards from both equipment and technical support from companies with very high safety standards in place. Our people need to be well prepared and, as a responsible employer, we need to be highly targeted in the training we provide.”

According to McNamara, this approach is “the way of the future”.

“I am looking forward to working closely with our industry partners, and providing them with enhanced business outcomes through top-level service from Champion,” he said.

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