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Compressor design and operation courses

Compressor company Sullair Australia is offering industry practical experience in compressor maintenance and operation through technical training courses for companies that use Sullair compressors.

The courses are hands-on, and based on the same in-depth training that Sullair offers its own engineers, according to the company.

The training courses are tailored to suit the requirements of individual workplaces, and each course includes a theory session followed by practical training using the client’s own Sullair compressors.

The courses will cover topics including working safely with compressed air, air compressor operating principles, and technical maintenance procedures.

Single- or multi-day programs are being offered, with organisations with a large range of Sullair compressors often extending the duration of the course to receive tuition on each of their compressor models.

The new training courses have been designed to provide attendees with an understanding of the basic principles of compressor operation and design.

“The Sullair training sessions, both the theory and practical segments, are comprehensive,” said Sullair field technical training engineer, Wayne Liddell.

“Each course is customised for individual workplaces according to previously supplied survey results. In this way, we ensure that the training is matched to the needs of each participant.

“We feel that it is important to equip attendees with specific knowledge relating to the Sullair machines used in their own work environment.”

Liddell says both the theory and practical sections of the course are interactive.

“We encourage discussion and give participants the opportunity to share their field experiences,” he said.

“This allows us to address topics of interest while they are fresh in the minds of the participants.”

Each person who completes the course receives a detailed technical manual featuring material exclusive to course participants. Depending on the level of certification specified by the client, the manual can be used as a reference for an ‘open-book’ test, which is given in the final session. Alternatively, organisations may opt for a short multiple-choice test, based on the day’s activities.

“Clients who have attended earlier versions of the courses show a high degree of technical knowledge,” said Liddell.

“If we are discussing an issue with our customers’ field-maintenance teams months or even years after a course, we can immediately discuss the finer details of their air compressor–we speak a common language. Such a level of knowledge is rarely displayed by untutored personnel, even if they have extensive air-compressor experience.”

Sullair’s training courses are available throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

For more information contact Champion Compressors on or 1300 242 674.

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