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Compressed air group signs exclusive distribution deal

Compressed air group, Champion Compressors, has signed a national distribution agreement with global compression system provider, Cameron Compression Systems, which will see Champion Compressors become Cameron’s sole authorised distributor in Australia.

The agreement will see Champion Compressors distribute Cameron’s range of centrifugal compressors, providing the local market with “premium access to the companies’ compressed-air solutions,” according to Champion.

The Cameron centrifugal compressor range comprises units spanning from 110kW to 1,600kW, with larger units up to 30MW available on request.

According to Cameron Compression Systems regional manager – Singapore, Rick Bryant, Champion was selected as sole distributor due to the company’s positive reputation in Australia.

“Cameron Compression Systems and Champion Compressors share a common pursuit of engineering excellence,” he said.

“Champion’s reputation for producing compressors of superior reliability and performance in hot, humid and dusty conditions–typical throughout Australia– is famous and made it an obvious choice of distribution partner for Cameron.”

The Cameron centrifugal compressor series is suitable for a wide variety of applications. “Our smaller centrifugal compressors are especially useful where oil-free air compressors are desirable, such as a food and manufacturing applications, breweries and pharmaceutical processes,” said Bryant.

“Furthermore, for applications that require compressors of 500kW and above, a centrifugal compressor is usually more economical in terms of energy usage and maintenance.”

Contact Champion Compressors via Dino Alessio, marketing manager, on 03 9703 9002, or email

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