Industrial Networks

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Control and automation systems today depend on complex network infrastructure to interlink devices, manage processes and convey data and information.

Increasingly, automation networks on the factory floor (Industrial Ethernet) as well process plant networks (Fieldbus) are being integrated with the company’s enterprise networks.

There are a variety of competing protocols – each with their own merits and limitations.  In designing or modifying a network, control engineers need to determine signal transmission, network configuration, device power, wireless capabilities and a whole host of other parameters.

Engineers also need to specify and source a host of critical components that determine the efficiency and reliability of the network. These components include switches, repeaters, software, routers, cabling and even training.

PACE has developed this Industrial Networks section to assist control engineers with the decision-making process and to keep our community updated with latest developments in this rapidly evolving area.

This section will host a variety of tools – from news and new product information to case studies, white papers and application notes on each of the ten leading protocols.

We welcome your input as this section evolves and encourage you to with your insights and feedback.