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Compact vortex flow meters

ifm efector has launched a new range of space-saving vortex flow meters designed to inform the user quickly and clearly about the current volumetric flow.

Using the multi-colour TFT display that can be rotated electronically, the user can set the red/green colour selection for process values. Installation of the vortex flow meters can be independent of orientation due to the optionally available rotatable G and R process connections. The compact device also features an integrated temperature measurement function.

Behind a bluff body integrated in the measuring pipe, the flowing medium generates swirling vortices depending on its velocity. These vortices are detected by a piezoceramic sensor with the number of vortices allowing the flow rate to be determined if the cross-section is known. This flow rate measurement principle, known as the vortex principle, is virtually independent of pressure and temperature fluctuations of the medium.

Recommended for use in cooling water circuits, the new SV type devices can be used for water with or without conductivity. The current flow and temperature are output as standardised current signal (4…20 mA), frequency signal, switching output or via IO-Link optionally. Combining the vortex principle with a simple design, the affordable sensors also feature intuitive menu-guided programming.

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