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Compact safety light curtains feature integrated status signalling

Control Logic announces the availability of Schmersal’s SLC440COM Series safety light curtains and SLG440COM Series safety light grids in the Australian market.

Designed as an economical, compact solution offering excellent protection to the user in hazardous areas, the new safety light curtains incorporate all standard functions without unnecessary features. Schmersal’s SLC440COM Series incorporates highly visible status signalling in a rugged housing.

The compact design features a profile length corresponding to the protective field height to allow for optimal installation with the application while saving approximately 50mm of space over a standard light curtain.

The clearly visible signalling allows operating status to be seen from a distance. The end cap of the receiver unit is moulded from semi-transparent plastic illuminated by LED, which shows green for correct operation, red when the protected field has been interrupted or flashing red to indicate fault conditions.

Similar to Schmersal’s other Type 4 safety light curtains, the SLC440COM Series features a robust one-piece extruded, reinforced housing in a compact 28mm x 33mm rectangular profile, proven to be less susceptible to mechanical damage and misalignment from torsion or bending.

Designed with resolutions of 14mm, 30mm or 35mm and protection field heights between 330mm and 1770mm, SLC440COM safety light curtains are also available as safety light grids (SLG440COM) with 2, 3, or 4 beams for perimeter guarding. Both series are suited for use in safety circuits up to CAT 4 (AS 4024), PLe (EN 13849) or SIL3 (IEC 61508).

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