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Compact portable hygrometer for convenient spot checks


Michell Instruments has introduced the MDM50 portable hygrometer, which enables efficient spot checks of dew point or moisture content down to -50°C dew point. The integral sampling system allows for measurements of dew point to be made at pressure, up to 20 barg, with an option  available to measure up to 300 barg. Furthermore, the integrated filter removes particulates down to 0.3μm which provides 99.5 per cent protection to the sensor.

The fast-responding polymer moisture sensor of the MDM50 gives rapid dew point measurements in compressed air – T95 to -35°C from ambient typically in less than five minutes. According to the company, the sensing element is highly stable, resistant to contamination and along with the robust and sturdy case, this means the hygrometer is well-suited to the often tough conditions in industrial applications.

Along with dew point in compressed/instrument-air dryers, typical applications for the MDM50 include moisture measurements in medical gases, polymer chip and the output from refrigerated dryers.

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