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Compact PLC with IoT features

RS Components (RS) has introduced the latest Mitsubishi FX5U compact PLCs, which extend the capabilities of the FX PLC platform with increased CPU performance and extra built-in functions including sophisticated position control.

The FX5U PLCs are part of the new Mitsubishi MELSEC iQF family, which features an ultra-fast 34ns/step sequence-execution engine with 64k-steps program capacity, and 150-times faster system bus speed allowing maximum performance even when handling large quantities of data.

New built-in features enhance support for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications, including an Ethernet port that simplifies connectivity and allows remote maintenance, advanced security, and an SD Card slot for data logging and program updates.

Other built-in features, such as eight channels of high-speed pulse inputs and 4-axis pulse outputs, allow developers to create more powerful systems for applications like controlling packaging machinery, using fewer modules.

Configuration using the familiar GX Works3 environment is also easier, with enhancements such as table-based parameterisation, motion setup tools and extra positioning instructions.

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