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Compact I/O modules for the control cabinet

Phoenix Contact has added five
new compact analogue I/O modules to its Axioline F I/O system range.

Measuring just 35mm in width,
each of the new analogue I/O modules offers four channels for tailor-made
selection of analogue functions in control cabinet installations.

The new analogue I/O modules include
two analogue input modules and one analogue output module for acquiring or
outputting voltage and current signals, in addition to two new
interference-free temperature modules for acquiring signals from standard
thermocouples (UTH) as well as from resistance thermometers (RTD).

All the modules from Axioline F
I/O system for signal acquisition in control cabinets are characterised by
their extremely high immunity to EMI, a very robust design to withstand environmental
influences, and fast signal acquisition.

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