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Compact ifm photoelectric sensors now also in a plastic housing

ifm efector introduces their latest O6 type photoelectric sensors featuring a stable plastic housing.

ifm’s new robust and compact diffuse reflection sensors deliver a particularly reliable background interference suppression and superior performance. While the setting range via potentiometer and a rotary switch is intuitive and simple, the sensing range is independent of the colour of the object being detected.

ifm’s O6 type photoelectric sensors offer excellent optical performance with even highly reflective backgrounds such as stainless steel or moving machine parts not affecting background suppression. The clearly defined round light spot in the operating area ensures consistent light distribution in the light cone.

Scattered light around the light spot, which could potentially disturb other photoelectric sensors due to omitted reflection, is completely avoided with ifm’s new photoelectric sensors, providing additional safety.

Measuring a compact 13 x 41 x 21 mm in size, ifm’s O6 type photoelectric sensors offer variants featuring PUR connection cable, M12 pigtail or robust M8 metal connector on the housing. The sensors are also available as through-beam and retro-reflective systems. 

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