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Compact high-performance power supply

Phoenix Contact’s QUINT4 power supply is offering system availability in the power range up to 100 W in a very small size. Preventative function monitoring and exceptional power reserves are now also available for applications in the low-power range.

The dynamic boost can be used to supply up to 200 per cent of the nominal current for 5 seconds to start up heavy loads. For 1.3 A and 2.5 A devices, a static boost that continuously provides up to 125 per cent of the nominal current is also available to extend the system.

The preventive function monitoring provides early warning for system-specific, critical operating states before faults occur. Selectable power thresholds or DC OK signaling enable output parameter monitoring that is adapted to the application.

All Quint Power power supplies under 100 W have a high efficiency of up to 93.7% and a long service life, with low power dissipation and low heating. The slim and flat design with a depth of 90 mm makes these devices especially space-saving, even enabling them to fit in smaller control boxes.

These small Quint Power power supplies are available in three performance classes (24V DC output voltage with 1.3A, 2.5A and 3.8A) with either Push-in or screw connection. In addition to a wide AC input range of 85V AC to 264V AC, their wide DC input voltage range of 88 V DC to 350V DC and wide temperature range of -40°C to +70°C ensure a high degree of implementation flexibility

The main advantages include startup of heavy loads, preventive function monitoring report critical operating states before occur, high efficiency and long service life, with low power dissipation and low heating, space savings in the control cabinet, thanks to a narrow, slim-line design and free selection between Push-in and screw connection.

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