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Compact Ethernet I/O modules

I/O modules

Acromag has released its BusWorks 900EN series of rugged networked I/O modules. These modules feature universal input/output ranges and an intelligent microcontroller to provide flexibility and powerful monitoring and control capabilities.

Users can select from a variety of analog and discrete I/O models to meet their application needs. Each inch-wide module has a direct network interface, processes I/O signals on up to twelve channels, and handles power conversion. According to the company, this space-saving approach is cost-effective for systems that need to add I/O channels at an existing control site or network to new remote sites. By comparison, many other “block I/O” devices would require a large, expensive processor block, an I/O rack, individual plug-in I/O terminal blocks, and a special system power supply.

The I/O modules are easily configured using a standard web browser. Each I/O module has embedded web pages to help in the set up and control of the unit. These web pages are a step by step guide to configure network settings, calibrate the module, and test operation. Furthermore, all I/O modules have a watchdog that monitors the microcontroller for failed operations or a “lock-up” condition and automatically resets the unit. If host communication is lost and a configurable watchdog timer expires, all analog and discrete outputs go to a “fail-safe” condition.

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