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Compact and universal 4-way signal conditioner

Phoenix Contact introduces a new 4-way freely adjustable signal conditioner to its Mini Analog Pro range.

The new universal, freely-adjustable 4-way signal conditioner, Mini MCR-2-UNI-UI-UIRO allows current and voltage signals of up to 24 mA or 12 V to be applied on the input side with the required signal range freely set. On the output side, signals of up to 10.5 V or 21 mA can be freely selected. When replacing field instruments, the signals can be adjusted to the existing control systems or vice versa.

An integrated threshold value output combines the functions of a signal conditioner and threshold value switch in the same housing enabling alarms to be triggered without a digital output on the PLC. No complex programming is required at the controller.

Offering all the system advantages of the product range on a width of 6mm, the device also provides a high degree of convenience during installation thanks to the highly visible, easily accessible terminal points and plug-in connection terminal blocks.

Key features of Mini MCR-2-UNI-UI-UIRO signal conditioners include large-surface marking areas enabling complete loop identification despite the compact design; current signals allowed to be measured during operation without disconnecting the current loop; high signal quality ensured by the latest transmission technology and safe electrical isolation with 3 kV test voltage; extended supply voltage range of 9.6 V DC to 30 V DC; wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C; and configuration via DIP switch, free PC software, or wirelessly with the free smartphone app for Android.

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