Communiqué from IICA Strategy meeting

At its 70th anniversary of foundation, it seems particularly appropriate to review the role the IICA fulfils in the Australian Instrumentation, Controls and Automation (IC&A) community.

A recent targeted survey of members and non-associated professionals reinforced the IICA Federal Council's view that realignment to a changed industry landscape is required.

Low formal training and subject offerings, doubtful professional development opportunities and recognition of the growing number of IC&A areas and professionals are key areas for the IICA to address.

A structured program for raising membership value and improvements to the operation of the Institute was adopted. The renewal of the Institute and its emergence as the leading professional representation of the instrumentation, controls and automation profession that professionals want to join is the vision for this transformation project. 

The Federal Council is united in bringing about a transformation of the Institute into the leading professional and learned organisation offering its members extended and different value not only for their professional development, but for the industry in general.

There is no doubt that those practising in the fields of instrumentation, controls and automation at any level are professionals, but formal professional recognition is still not achieved nationally. 

Accreditation of professionals and their competency in the fields is a key objective of the transformation efforts. Over the next few months the transformation plan will take further shape and the new form, shape and content of the IICA for the next decades will emerge with more specific outcomes, targets and offerings.  

The Federal Council will be the driver for these activities and will work with the branches to identify specific deliverables to improve membership value. The transformation the IICA will undergo requires not only ideas, but also resources to succeed.

Support and involvement from all members and interested individuals in the IC&A community will be sought to achieve the specific outcomes of the strategic development plan that will progress to finalisation at the next meeting of the Federal Council in October 2013. 

Corporate members, Vendors, Suppliers and IC&A User members are equally invited to participate in this exciting phase of the IICA and its positioning for the future. The IICA will remain a member-focussed and member-driven organisation that will aim to emerge as the vehicle that represents your interests, as well as those for the wider IC&A sectors, with government, industry and community. 

Regular updates of progress will be posted on the website, newsletters and PACE (www.pacetoday.com.au). Federal Council encourages all those who have an interest in the IC&A field and wish to make a difference to contact the Federal Secretary at admin@iica.org.au

[Jason Freyling is President IICA (Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation Australia)]

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