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Commissioner appointed to guide Queensland gas market development

The Queensland State Government has appointed Kay Gardiner as Queensland Gas Commissioner to monitor and guide development of the State’s gas market in the context of the emerging Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry.

As Gas Commissioner, Gardiner will provide vision and play a key role in the Government’s development of strategies and reforms to drive the development of Queensland’s gas market.

She will be an independent, single point of contact for ongoing dialogue between government and industry stakeholders on gas market issues; including supply, pricing, and the potential reservation of prospective gas resources for domestic markets, within the context of the development of the LNG industry.

The LNG industry is fast-growing in Queensland and within a decade could add more than $3 billion to the State’s economy and create more than 18,000 jobs.

Gardiner will work closely with industry and government agencies to identify any issues for the domestic gas market which may arise during the development of this industry.

She will monitor gas market outcomes both locally and internationally and report on the adequacy of supply to support domestic requirements and achieve long-term growth in the Queensland gas market.

One of the Gas Commissioner’s key roles was to deliver an Annual Gas Market Review for Queensland. The annual review process will aid the State Government decision-making about security of supply issues; identify ways to better manage our gas resources; and examine ways to increase competition in the market.

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