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Combat moisture with SMC’s range of air dryers

Not just pneumatics, SMC prides itself on developing and offering a range of automation solutions for every need and application.

Recognising the importance of dry air in a factory environment and the havoc that moisture can cause, our range of refrigerated air dryers are a cost-effective means of providing air with pressure dew points of 37 to 50°F (3 to 10°C).

This meets the requirements of ISO 8573-1 moisture classes 4 to 6 and all of SMC’s refrigerated air dryers feature compact and quiet construction, stainless steel heat exchangers, Montreal Protocol-compliant refrigerants and low pressure drops. Models are available to meet various regional requirements in standard inlet temperature designs as well as high inlet temperature models. Accessories and servicing of dryers is available too.

Features include:

  • Applicable for the high-temperature environments
  • Ambient temperature: Max. 45℃
  • Inlet air temperature: Max. 65℃
  • Increased air flow capacity

SMC’s membrane dryers, on the other hand, are designed for convenient point of use drying without the need for electrical power. Membrane dryers utilize hollow fiber membranes to remove water vapor from compressed air.

Permeable to water vapor but not air, the IDG series can achieve pressure dew points as low as -44°F (-42°C) and ISO 8573-1 moisture classes from 2 to 6.

They have no moving parts, vibration, or heat discharge and contribute only a small amount of purge air to their operating environment. The IDG series is available as single units or conveniently assembled with necessary pre-filtration and optional pressure regulation.


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