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Collaboration leads to SIS-DCS Integration Solution for process industry

Japan's Azbil and HIMA of Germany have concluded a 'collaboration agreement' and have developed a common integrated solution based on open communication standards.

The integration testing phase has already been successfully completed and documentation was issued to report the test results.

Plant operators will benefit from a range of advantages resulting from the new combination of Harmonas-DEO control system from Azbil and the safety systems from HIMA.

Increased system availability, enhanced productivity and reduced lifecycle costs are just few examples.

The HIMax and HIMatrix systems from HIMA are integrated in the operating and visualisation function of the Harmonas-DEO control system from Azbil based on open communication standards.

This integrated solution offers new features such as the integration of faceplates for operating, monitoring, transferring and visualising diagnostic data, process data and safety-related locking states as well as a maintenance override switch (MOS) and a start-up bypass (SUB).

Azbil and HIMA aim to collaborate and expand the global market with this integrated solution.

Founded in 1906, Azbil pursues "human-centered automation," which aims to contribute to people's safety, comfort and fulfillment and also to global environmental preservation. In April 2012, Azbil changed its name from Yamatake.

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